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Steve Ransome

Summary of interests

  • Developing MLFM = LFM (Loss Factors Model) + MPM (Mechanistic Performance model)
  • PVPMC/PVLIB Performance monitoring collaborative
  • Comparing measured outdoor performance with simulation program predictions and IEC 61853
  • Contrasting the performance of different PV technologies
  • Solar energy analysis : Solar cell performance, outdoor performance logging, Meteorological data
  • Modelling : solar cell loss mechanisms, 2 diode model optimisation, anti reflection coating analysis, production statistics, tilted plane and stochastic algorithms, comparisons of different technologies, shading losses, loss factors and mechanistic performance models, IEC 61853, matrix measurements
  • Publications author of 100+ papers at international Solar conferences worldwide since 2000 including 3 prize winners and many invited talks
  • Software/algorithm developing - mostly Python, R, Excel/VBA, MySQL

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Publications 2000 - 2024+

2023 Already presented

uk 17th PVSAT IOP London, UK 26-28 Jun 2023
( 112) powerpoint "Better understanding and fitting of IV curves and IEC 61853 matrix measurements" - Steve Ransome SRCL
usa 50th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC 50)

( 111 ) "Advanced health-state data analytic workflow for utility-scale photovoltaic power plants"
Jesus Montes-Romero, Loucas Pikolos, Andreas Makrides, George Makrides, Steve Ransome,
Juergen Sutterlueti, Spyros Theocharides, Nino Heinzle, George E. Georghiou.

usa 2023 16th PV Performance Modeling Workshop Salt Lake City, Utah USA

( 110 ) powerpoint "Getting more useful information from modelling of
IV curves and matrix measurements"

Steve Ransome


italy WCPEC-8 World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Milan, Italy

( 109 ) "3AP.1.3 Blind photovoltaic modeling intercomparison"
Marios Theristis (Sandia), Joshua S. Stein (Sandia) + 22? other authors + Steve Ransome (SRCL)

( 108 ) paper powerpoint "3BV.3.14 ADDING THE MLFM TO PVPMC/PVLIB"
Steve Ransome (SRCL) and Juergen Sutterlueti (Gantner Instruments)

usa 2022 PV Performance Modeling and Monitoring Workshop Salt Lake City, Utah USA - 23,24 Aug

( 107 ) "Keynote Talk: 2021 PVPMC Modeling Comparison
Marios Theristis + 27 authors + SRCL
Pending peer-reviewed publication"

( 106 ) powerpoint "Advanced System Monitoring and Artificial Intelligent
Data-Driven Analytics to Serve GW Scale Photovoltaic
Power Plant and Energy Storage Requirements"

Juergen Sutterlueti + UCY + SRCL...

( 105 ) powerpoint "Improving IEC 61853 Energy Yield Modelling with LFM and MPM models"
Steve Ransome (SRCL), Juergen Sutterlueti (Gantner Instruments)

usa PVSC 49 June 2022 Philadelphia, USA

( 104 ) powerpoint "Benchmarking PV performance models with high quality IEC 61853 Matrix measurements
(Bilinear interpolation, SAPM, PVGIS, MLFM and 1-diode)"
Steve Ransome (SRCL)

uk 16th PVSAT Salford, UK Apr 2022

Steve Ransome (SRCL)


romania VIRTUAL PVCOST Training School Brasov 5-9 July 2021

( 102 ) powerpoint "Modelling of PV modules and systems"
Steve Ransome Virtual presentation

usa VIRTUAL PVSC 48 23rd June 2021

( 101 ) powerpoint word "Accurate module performance characterisation using novel outdoor matrix methods"
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti (Gantner Instruments)


PV Cost Webinar on PV Performance Modelling Methods 1st Dec 2020

( 100 ) "Advanced degradation modelling - finding causes and rates, Steve Ransome "

usa PVPMC Webinar on PV Performance Modeling Methods: August 5, 2020

( 99 ) powerpoint "How to use the Loss Factors and Mechanistic Performance Models effectively with PVPMC/PVLIB"
Steve Ransome SRCL

canada VIRTUAL PVSC June 2020 Calgary, Canada

( 98 ) "Improvements to the IEC 61853 matrix energy rating methodology, validated with the NREL dataset"
Steve Ransome Virtual poster

netherlands PV COST Utrecht, NL Feb 2020 l

( 97 ) "An advanced modelling method to determine the rates and causes of PV degradation Steve Ransome "


france 36th EU PVSEC Sep 2019 Marseille

( 96 ) "5BO5.2 PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF MECHANISTIC AND MACHINE LEARNING MODELS FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY YIELD PREDICTION Andreas Livera, Marios Theristis, George Makrides, Juergen Sutterlueti, Steve Ransome and George E. Georghiou"

( 95 ) powerpoint "Quantifying Long Term PV Performance and Degradation under Real Outdoor and IEC 61853 Test Conditions Using High Quality Module IV Measurements" 5CV.4.35 "
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti(Gantner Instruments)

usa PVSC June 2019 Chicago, USA

( 94 ) powerpoint word ORAL "Checking the new IEC 61853.1-4 with high quality 3rd party data to benchmark its practical relevance in energy yield prediction"
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti(Gantner Instruments) Presented 20 Jun 2019

usa 2019 PV Systems Symposium in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA (14-16 May 2019)

( 93 ) "Advanced PV performance analysis on modules and power plants using cloud-based processing"
Juergen Sutterlueti and Steve Ransome

( 92 ) "Performance evaluation of PV power predictive models for real-time monitoring"
Andreas Livera1, Marios Theristis1, George Makrides1, Juergen Sutterlueti2, Steve Ransome3 and George E. Georghiou1
1 University of Cyprus; 2 Gantner Instruments GmbH; 3 SRCL

uk 15th PVSAT Apr 2019 Warwick University, UK

( 91 ) "16 YEARS OF PV PROGRESS since pvsat-1 (2003-19)"
Steve Ransome et al

portugal PV Pearl Lisbon

( 90 ) "Comparison of PV modelling approaches for assessment of PV module performance
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti(Gantner Instruments)


belgium 35th EU PVSEC Sep 2018 Brussels Belgium

( 89 ) word "Adaptable PV performance modelling 5CV.1.28 "
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti(Gantner Instruments)

turkey PVCON Ankara Turkey

( 88 ) "Solar PV Design, Performance and Measurement"
Steve Ransome

usa PVSC June 2018 Hawai'i, USA

( 87 ) "Validating Energy Yield Modelling with the NREL Outdoor Dataset"
Steve Ransome

usa 10th PV Energy Rating and Module Performance Modeling Workshop, Albuquerque, NM, 1-3 May, 2018

( 86 ) "Using similar mathematical modelling with both single module IV curve measurements and array Inverter data"
Juergen Sutterlueti(Gantner Instruments) and Steve Ransome

uk 14th PVSAT Apr 2018 Imperial College London, UK

Steve Ransome


japan PVSEC-27 13-17 Nov 2017 Shiga Japan



netherlands 33rd EU PVSEC Sep 2017 Amsterdam, NL

( 82 ) "A Systematic Comparison of >7 Empirical Models Used for Energy Yield Predictions vs PV Technology 5CO.7.6"

usa 44th PVSC 25-30 June 2017 Washington DC, USA

( 81 ) powerpoint "How to Choose the best Empirical Model for Optimum Energy Yield Predictions"
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti(Gantner Instruments

wales 13th PVSAT Apr 2017 Bangor, UK

Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti(Gantner Instruments)

switzerland 7th PV Energy Rating and Module Performance Modeling Workshop, Canobbio, Switzerland 30-31 March, 2017

( 79 ) "Choosing the best Empirical Model for predicting energy yield"
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti(Gantner Instruments)


germany 6th PV Performance Modeling Collaborative (PVPMC) Workshop Freiburg, Germany (24-25 Oct 2016)

( 78 ) "Maintaining Optimum Performance from Large Scale Utility Applications"
Juergen Sutterlueti, Torsten Becker and Joerg Scholz (Gantner Instruments) , Steve Ransome (SRCL UK)

( 77 ) powerpoint "Determining the causes and rates of PV degradation using the Loss Factors Model with high quality IV measurements"
Steve Ransome (SRCL UK) and Juergen Sutterlueti (Gantner Instruments)

slovenia EUROREG-PV 2016 21-23 Sept, 2016 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

( 76 ) "INVITED Performance rating and degradation analysis of PV modules"

germany 32nd EU PVSEC Jun 2016 Munich, Germany

( 75 ) "Advanced Performance Monitoring System for Improved Reliability and Optimized Levelized Cost of Electricity"
George Makrides, Alexander Phinikarides, Juergen Sutterlueti, George E. Georghiou and Steve Ransome

usa 43rd PVSC June 2016 Portland Oregon, USA

( 74 ) "Degradation Analysis of PV Technologies Using NREL and Gantner Instruments Outdoor Data"
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti

uk 12th PVSAT Apr 2016 University of Liverpool

Steve Ransome, Josh Stein, Will Holmgren, Juergen Sutterlueti


germany 4th PVPMC Workshop TUV Cologne, Germany (22-23 Oct 2015)

( 72 ) "Using Advanced PV and BoS Modelling and Algorithms to Optimize the Performance of Large Scale Utility Applications"
Juergen Sutterlueti (Gantner Instruments) and Steve Ransome
For more information please contact " J.Sutterlueti [at] "

( 71 ) "The 'best' PV Model Depends on the Reason for Modelling"
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti (Gantner Instruments)

germany 31st EU PVSEC 14-18 Sep 2015 Hamburg Germany

( 70 ) "5DO.11.6 A Comparison of PV Performance Prediction Model Types for Different Technologies from Outdoor Measurements"
Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti (Gantner Instruments)

IET Renewable Power Generation (RPG) Volume 9, Issue 5, July 2015, p. 398-404

( 69 ) paper "Worldwide photovoltaic energy yield sensitivity from a variety of input losses"
Expanded journal paper from PVSAT10 - Steve Ransome

usa 42nd PVSC 2015 New Orleans, USA

( 68 ) "#3067 Improved PV Performance modelling by combining the PV_LIB Toolbox with the Loss Factors Model (LFM)" - with Sutterlueti + Scholz (Gantner Instruments), Stein (Sandia National Laboratories)

uk 11th PVSAT 15-17 Apr 2015 University of Leeds

Steve Ransome
Existing or potential new clients can write and ask for a copy of the paper


japan WCPEC6 Nov 2014 Kyoto, Japan

Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti (TEL Solar)

netherlands 29th EU PVSEC 22-26 Sep 2014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

( 65 ) "5BV.2.54 How Simulation Program kWh/kWp Predictions Depend on PV Model Discrepancies"
Steve Ransome

( 64 ) "5BV.2.18 Using the Loss Factors Model to Improve PV Performance Modelling for Industrial Needs " Steve Ransome and Juergen Sutterlueti (Tel Solar)

usa 40th PVSC 8-13 Jun 2014 Denver, Colorado, USA

( 63 ) "#581 Energy Modelling and Rating - Area 9 Plenary"

uk 10th PVSAT 23-25 Apr 2014 Crest, Loughborough, UK

( 62 ) "Worldwide PV energy yield sensitivity from a variety of input losses"


uk "Energy Generation of PV Systems - Performance Risks and Due Diligence 9th Oct 2013 Loughborough University"

( 61 ) "Accuracy of energy yield simulation" Invited talk

france 28th EU PVSEC 30 Sep-04 Oct 2013 Paris, France

( 60 ) blank '4CO.11.1 Outdoor PV Performance Evaluation of Three Different Models: Single-diode, SAPM and Loss Factor Model'
Joshua S. Stein(1), Juergen Sutterlueti(2), Steve Ransome(3), Clifford W. Hansen(1), Bruce H. King(1)
(1) Sandia National Laboratories; (2) TEL Solar; (3) SRCL

( 59 ) 4AV.5.52 A "Variable Coefficient 1-Diode Model" VC1D for More Accurate Energy Modelling'

usa 39th PVSC 16-21 Jun 2013 Tampa, Florida, USA

( 58 ) "Estimating the Sensitivity of Energy Performance from Optimising Different PV Technologies World Wide"
by Steve Ransome (SRCL) and Juergen Sutterlueti (TEL) - System Performance Modeling session, 17 June 2013 3:30 PM

usa PV Systems Symposium, Santa Clara, CA, USA - 29 Apr to 3 May 2013

( 57 ) 'The sensitivity and limitations of present and alternative PV models'
Steve Ransome (SRCL) and Juergen Sutterlueti (TEL)'
available at PVPMC

wales 9th PVSAT 10-12 Apr 2013 Swansea, UK

( 56 ) Invited talk "Status in Measurement and Modelling of PV Systems performance"

japan 9th Workshop on the Future Direction of Photovoltaics, 7-8 March, 2013 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

( 55 ) "Measurement and Modelling of PV System performance"
SRCL clients and attendees at the conference can request a colour pdf of the presentation


germany 27th EU PVSEC 24-28 Sept Frankfurt Germany

( 54 ) blank "4CO.12.6 The sensitivity of LCOE to PV technology including degradation, seasonal annealing, spectral and other effects"
Steve Ransome(SRCL)and Juergen Sutterlueti (Oerlikon Solar)

( 53 ) blank "4EO.3.5 Understanding Module Performance further: validation of the novel loss factors model and its extension to ac arrays"
Stefan Sellner, Juergen Sutterlueti, Ludwig Schreier (Oerlikon Solar) and Steve Ransome (SRCL)

usa 38th IEEE PVSC 3-8 June, 2012; Austin TX, USA

( 52 ) blank #854 Advanced PV module performance characterization and validation using the novel Loss Factors Model"
Stefan Sellner, Juergen Sutterlueti, Ludwig Schreier (Oerlikon Solar) and Steve Ransome (SRCL)

( 51 ) blank #898 PV technology differences and discrepancies in modelling between simulation programs and measurements"
invited talk in section 9.6 by Steve Ransome of SRCL with Juergen Sutterlueti and Stefan Sellner (Oerlikon Solar)

uk PV SAT 8 2-4 April 2012 Northumbria University, UK

- SRCL clients may request a copy of the talk by e-mail


germany 26th EU PVSEC 8 September 2011; Hamburg, Germany

( 49 ) paper powerpoint "4AV.2.41 Characterising PV Modules under Outdoor Conditions: What's Most Important for Energy Yield"
J. Sutterlueti et al - Oerlikon Solar, S. Ransome - SRCL

( 48 ) paper "4DO.6.4 Improving and Understanding kWh/kWp Simulations"
- SRCL clients may request a copy of the talk by e-mail

usa 37th IEEE PVSC 24 June, 2011; Seattle, USA

( 47 ) word "How kWh/kWp Modelling and Measurement Comparisons Depend on Uncertainty and Variability"
- SRCL clients may request a copy of the talk by e-mail

norway MIDNIGHT SUN CONFERENCE - RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE NORTH June 14-16 2011, Narvik University College Norway

( 46 ) "Measuring and modelling PV technologies worldwide"
- conference attendees and SRCL clients may request a copy of the talk by e-mail

scotland PVSAT 7 Edinburgh, Scotland 7th Apr 2011

(45) paper "Updated status on discrepancies between measured and modelled outdoor performance"


netherlands Dutch Joint Solar Panel R&D Seminar 29 Sept 2010

( 44 ) Invited talk "Comparing indoor and outdoor PV performance measurements with simulation program modelling redictions"
- conference attendees and SRCL clients may request a copy of the talk by e-mail

usa Sandia PV Performance Modeling Workshop, September 22-23, 2010

( 43 ) powerpoint Invited talk "Recent Studies of PV Performance Models"
- conference attendees and SRCL clients may request a copy of the talk by e-mail

spain 5th World PV Conference Valencia Spain, 6-10 Sept 2010

(42) paper powerpoint "The present status of kWh/kWp measurements and modelling" 4CO-20-3

usa PVSC 35 Hawaii USA, 20-25June 2010

(41) paper "Comparing PV simulation models and methods with outdoor measurements"

germany Thin-Film Industry Forum 22-23 April 2010 Berlin

(40) Errors and uncertainties in kWh/kWp modelling, predictions and measurements" Invited paper - email me for a copy of presentation

uk PVSAT-6 24-26 March 2010 Southampton UK

(39) paper "A detailed comparison of measured outdoor performance vs. simulation program predictions for different PV technologies"

germany 25th PV Symposium Bad Staffelstein Germany, Mar 2010

(38) powerpoint "kWh/kWp : Comparing modelling, claims and measurements" in English only

(37) "Outdoor charakterisierung, modellierung und technologie benchmark von Duennschicht-modulen" See Staffelstein proceedings or contact


skorea Jeju Korea 9-13 Nov 2009 19th PVSEC

(36) powerpoint "Errors and uncertainties in kWh/kWp modelling, predictions and measurements"

germany Hamburg 21-25Sep 2009 24th European PVSEC

(35) paper 4CO1.5 "Are kWh/kWp values really the best way to differentiate between PV technologies ?"

(34) 4CO1.3 "Outdoor characterisation and modelling of thin film modules and technology benchmarking"
see the DVD of the proceedings from the Hamburg conference or contact

PIRA Photovoltaics Summit Europe 2009, Crowne Plaza St Peter's Rome, Italy, 30 Jun- 2 Jul 2009

(33) Invited paper - email me for a copy of presentation

usa 34th IEEE PVSC Philadelphia, USA, 7-12 Jun 2009

(32) paper "Understanding kWh/kWp by comparing measured data with modelling predictions and performance claims"

usa PIRA Photovoltaics Summit 2009, Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, USA,&1-3 Jun 2009

(31) Invited paper - email me for a copy of presentation

usa PIRA Organic Photovoltaics, Doubletree Hotel Philadelphia, USA 27-29 Apr 2009

(30) Invited paper - email me for a copy of presentation

wales PVSAT-4 2-4 April 2009, Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Wales

(29) paper "Understanding Outdoor PV Performance Measurements"


spain PIRA - PLASTIC AND THIN FILM PHOTOVOLTAICS 8-9 Dec 2008 Barcelona, Spain

(28) Invited paper - email me for a copy of presentation

International Workshop on PV System Monitoring and Performance Assessment - 30-31 Oct 2008 Nice France

(27) powerpoint Invited paper "Analysing array performance"

spain Valencia 1-5Sep 2008 23rd European PVSEC

(26) paper 4DO.9.6 "A Review of kWh/kWp Measurements, Analysis and Modelling"

(25) paper 4BV.1.58 "Array Performance Analysis Using Imperfect or Incomplete Input Data"

usa 33rd IEEE PVSC 11-16 May 2008 San Diego

(24) paper powerpoint Area7 paper 521 "Modelling inaccuracies of PV energy yield simulations"

uk PVSAT-4   2-4 April 2008, University of Bath UK

(23) paper powerpoint "How accurate can PV energy yield simulations be?"

2007 and earlier with BP Solar


italy 2007 Milan 22nd European PVSEC

(22) paper powerpoint 4EP.1.1 " How well do PV modelling algorithms really predict performance?"

uk 2007 Durham PVSAT3

(21) paper "A Summary of Outdoor Testing and Modelling of PV Systems"

germany 2007 22nd Staffelstein Germany

(20) paper powerpoint "Eight Years Testing and Modelling PV Systems - Worldwide" - German Only Paper


germany 2006 Dresden 21st European PVSEC

(19) paper 5CP.3.1 "4% Higher Energy Conversion from BP 7180 Modules"

germany 2006 21st Staffelstein

(18) word powerpoint "4% Increased energy collection from 83 kWp test -Saturn 7-series" German only Paper


spain 2005 Barcelona Spain 20th European PVSEC Papers

(17) paper 6DV.4.32 "Why Hourly Averaged Measurement Data Insufficient to Model PVSystem Performance Accurately"

(16) paper 5CO.2.1 "Increased Energy Collection using Anti-Reflective Coated Glass"

uk 2005 CREST Loughborough PVSAT-2 Papers

(15) paper "Findings from Worldwide Studies of PV Module and System Performance"

germany 2005 20th Staffelstein Papers

(14) paper "External Performance of BP Solar 7180 Modules in Australia and Germany" - German only Paper

usa 2005 Orlando USA 31st PVSC Papers

(13) paper "A Summary of 6 years performance modelling from 100+ sites worldwide"

(12) paper powerpoint "Advanced analysis of PV system performance using normalised measurement data" winner of "outstanding poster award"

(11) paper "Crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules with anti-reflective coated glass"


france 2004 Paris 19th PVSEC Papers

(10) paper 5BV_1_56 "Can grid tied PV systems be characterised with only monthly average values of PR ?"

(09) paper 5BV_1_57 "Quantifying PV losses from equivalent circuit models, cells, modules and arrays"


japan 2003 Osaka WCPEC3 Papers

(08) paper 7P-B3-03 "An overview of 4 years of kWh/kWp monitoring"

(07) paper 7P-B3-69 "Optimising pv array performance using real time measurements"

uk 2003 CREST Loughborough PVSAT-1 Papers

(06) paper "A 4 year study of kWh/kWp modelling of different technologies at more than 50 sites worldwide"


italy 2002 Rome PV for Europe Papers

(05) paper OE6.2 "Understanding and correcting kWh/kWp measurements"

usa 2002 New Orleans USA 29th IEEE PVSC Papers

(04) paper 402.7 "Performance of BP Solar Tandem Junction Amorphous Silicon Modules"

(03) paper 503.1 "kWh/kWp Dependency on PV Technology and Balance of Systems Performance"


germany 2001 Munich 17th PVSEC Papers

(02) paper OA4.3 "Analysis of Measured kWh/kWp from Grid Tied Systems - Modelling Different Technologies"


usa 2000 Anchorage USA 28th IEEE PVSC Papers

(01) powerpoint 5P1.15 "Predicting kWh/kWp Performance For Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Modules"

Papers 2007 or earlier were written while working for bp solar 

Contact me for information